Welcome to "myteenlife.net", the place where only Teens can join to connect with other teens from around the world. My niece told me that she felt there should be a place for "Teens Only" to express themselves and talk about things only Teenagers want to know. I told her I would try to make that idea a reality. Now here it is..."MYTEENLIFE.COM" A Place where a Teen can be a Teen without adult or parental involvement. So create a page that expresses who you are and what you are about. Make friends, share experiences and refer others to even make a little cash on the side. Don't forget to join the Contest Groups so that you can win various prizes offered by Get Up Radio / Get Up Radio Media. If you have any problems, please post them on our Problem Group page or email us at momentousevents@aol.com so we can resolve it immediately! Enjoy your favorite popular music 24/7 at our new music / DJ site, www.radiostationus.com provided by Get Up Radio.
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